Testimonials – Zachary Harrop

Zachary Harrop, Trainee Teacher, Yarlside Academy

I have had many jobs in the past, from being a manager at McDonalds, to bartending, to being a sales assistant in a clothes shop. My degree is in Law, and I have very little experience of teaching, other than this programme.

However, the further into my degree I got, the more I decided that I did not want a career in Law, and wanted to turn my hand to something else. Teaching seemed a good fit for me, due to my experience working with people, in management, and in the hospitality sector – I felt like I had the required skills and enthusiasm to be a good teacher, and had heard many good things about the profession.

The course has been excellent, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, both from the sessions that are delivered expertly by knowledgeable people, and actually being inside schools teaching in an environment that has allowed me to flourish. I love the school – centered approach, because it allows us to learn the theory and then put it into practice when we are on placement. I could not ask for any more from the course and the people involved in it, everything has been focused on giving us the best possible experience.

 I would recommend the programme to others whole-heartedly. There is a real atmosphere of wanting us to succeed on the course, and everything is geared towards helping us to do that.