Testimonials – Lauren Hoyland

Lauren Hoyland, Trainee Teacher, George Romney

Before starting the South Cumbria School Direct programme I worked at a local school as a teaching assistant.

This is where my love for teaching began, working with children watching them grow into independent learners. I chose this specific programme as it allowed me to gain as much experience in a school working alongside experience teachers.

As well as this, the programme allows you to work in multiple schools across the area increasing the chance of getting your name out there for any future employment opportunities.

I have learnt a lot of skills throughout the course including different teaching methods in various subject areas. The programme gives you opportunities to put these teaching methods into practice and allows you to try new ideas even if they may not always go the way you wanted, you can reflect from this and adapt your skills for next time.

This programme is perfect for a trainee teacher who would rather take on a more hands on approach rather than sat learning in a lecture hall.