Testimonials – Ashleigh Patterson

Ashleigh Patterson, Trainee Teacher, Chetwynde

Before I got accepted onto the South Cumbria School Direct (SCSD) teacher training programme, I was working as a teaching assistant in an Infant School. I had been employed at the school for six years, building up my qualifications, CPD and confidence in the classroom. Working with the children was the most rewarding and inspiring experience, and this helped me realise how much more I could offer children if I became a teacher. My love for teaching grew when I was given the opportunity to cover lessons in school, and this led me to applying for teacher training courses.

Deep down I knew SCSD was the course for me. What attracted me to this course was the pedagogy sessions being delivered by current, and highly experienced headteachers and teaching staff. Knowing that the professionals delivering the theory and training were still working in the ever-changing teaching profession was an attraction for me. I was confident that the training would be relevant to ‘the now’, and the providers would be able to offer appropriate support relating to the current teaching expectations. I was right! Additionally, the number of candidates accepted onto the course is smaller than other courses, this has made the experience more personal as the students have been able to get to know one another, and we have become a friendly and supportive group.

The pedagogy and practise (P&P) sessions have been something which I have thoroughly enjoyed from this course. Receiving theory training and having the opportunity to observe this in practise has strengthened my understanding and personal teaching practise.

I have been able to develop my understanding of the theory and take this with me into my placements, first hand seeing the benefits in the classroom. The professionals who deliver the sessions are very welcoming and are offer support throughout the duration of the course. It’s really beneficial to be able to contact these people with any queries or planning questions, knowing they will be able to offer the most appropriate support.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting exceptional and high-quality training. It has been a pleasure being able to visit local schools and see the quality of teaching and learning displayed throughout the year groups. The course provider, along with the professionals delivering the P&P sessions are always available and take the time to address any concerns that we have.

I personally, had a difficult start to the course due to family circumstances. The comfort and encouragement provided is something which I will always be grateful for. I could not imagine gaining my teaching qualification any other way!